Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who got damaged rowdy or my car

My car was vandalized by locals last week . I parked it in a place where I did not expect traffic to happen. But unfortunately it did and my car was the cause of it . They managed to scratch the windows and did slight damage to the bonnet.

When I mentioned this incident to one of my friends , he said " In India, people prey on weak things" ." If they are aware that the thing is not going to retaliate they are going to crush it " . How true and how inconsiderate of people to bring out their anger on my poor little car.

This statement has me thinking that yes we are a nation of cowards. We are ready to follow the path of Ahimsa but we are sure ready to take himsa if we know that there will be no retribution. I feel that most of the people of this country are mild mannered meek people who are made to submit by powerful forces .

This has been there from time immemorial when Mughals attacked us first. Next British came and destroyed us completely while we cringed for freedom. There were a lot of proponents of ahmisa ( which is a good concept in my opinion) while a few for himsa too. But even the himsa was done with character and not as an intent to harm a weak helpless object. Bhagat Singh blasted a bomb in court not to hurt people but to prove a point that British must leave. It was his character that made him stay and be taken a prisoner. He could have run away and caused more violence.

Today , we are witnessing supression of weak and poor in every area of life. People who have power and might do not care for people who dont have anything . There is absolutely no protection to general public from hooligans who have private connections. Are we a part of this ? Of course we are . We have never failed to supress our family members , our juniors in office , our servants in home . I have seen the behaviour of people who eat in restaurants towards waiters who are serving there.

I am not praising that I did a great job by not fighting there. But since my wife was present and I wanted to take her and my car out of danger. There was no use fighting those rowdies. It might have cost me my life. My life was definately much more worth it than the damage suffered by my car. I will use my next salary to repair the car.

It also made me think , why people never grow in life. My straight opinion on the rowdy who vandalised my car is that he will stay there and will never have a great life. Maybe he is the lucky one and he will become a politician who will make a lot of illegal money. But he will also inspire many who will take up rowdyism as a career and many of them would end in street either murdered or hurt. There would not be any job , any family responsibility , any growth for them . They will stay there and see the world pass by. They will know it but it will be too late.

As for me , I went to a pub , drank two and forgot about the incident because there are still so many things to do in life rather than worrying about a rowdy.

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