Friday, March 13, 2009

You never get it right almost always first time

One relative of mine was of the opinion , that she can never learn to drive. She gets scared the way that people come close to others when they are driving. To her it is a horrible thing and scared that she might hurt or hit someone has kept her off the road.

To me it is a reflection on the things that we want to be perfect the first time . We want our marriage to be perfect ,absolutely flawless just because we are scared that we have not left anything behind . We want our lives to be perfect asap because we want todo everything right at the first go .

I remember times when I was young and very fond of riding a bicycle. I do not remember count of times that I have fallen from it hurting myself badly in the process. Soon , I got the touch and never fell down. But it was not a days job.

During my school days it was so hard to learn physics , a subject that I loved a lot. But sheer persistent effort made sure that I learned it well. I even passed one of the toughest technical examinations.

So why are we so scared of trying . A photographer never gets the best shot in one . A tailor never makes a perfect suit at first time . And in soccer goals are never scored often in first minute.

One of my feelings about it is that we have a society that loves heroes who succeed . It gives no importance to people who have tried and could not succeed. The society showers praise on the people who have made a mark but never gives a thought or even ridicules people who dare to try and not succeed.

Inherently the risk taking in missing here. We do not want to learn from the mistakes we make but want to do job right at the first time . Unfortunately even geniuses cannot achieve this. When I tried to learn guitar , I suffered a lot . In one year I was trying to play like a top guitar player. Sooner it begin to dawn on me that I am copying others and not developing my own style. It was because I was not enjoying the difficult parts . I was shying away from them.

In the obsession to reach the perfect goal , most of the time we miss on the way we could have done things right and enjoyed the moment . Instead of worrying about that perfect shot , we can take a lot of amateur shots and try to improve them . I am sure then that perfect shot is lurking nearby and will come to you before you know it.

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